New High-Tech Sealant

A common problem found in both commercial and residential structures located on Staten Island is the intrusion of rain water from drain overflow or poorly pitched concrete surrounding the foundation at or immediately below grade level. Historically this has been a very difficult situation to repair until 2017! Our waterproofing product line now features a brand new revolutionary high tech hydrophobic elastomeric membrane that can be used to solve these pesky issues that usually occur after a heavy downpour. Many Staten Island residents ignore the problem of spotty water build-up that only occurs during heavy rainfalls. Many residents try to use caulk or quick mix concrete to solve the problem and are unsuccessful & think that this problem cannot be rectified. In certain instances even with all of our experience we had been unable to provide a long term solution UNTIL NOW! We have tested the product on a large commercial property in conjunction with one of our very trusted large corporate clients on a brick foundation as well as on a more common residential concrete foundation. The results were incredible. Do not continue to ignore that water spot after the next big rain storm. We can now repair this problem anyplace it arises. Again give us a call at (718) 356-1515 for a FREE written estimate.