Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing and Repairs can be made from the inside or outside!

A wet basement can be a huge damper on your home. Moisture can get into carpets and ruin dry wall. This is a common problem all throughout America and especially on Staten Island and the surrounding boroughs. Water damage occurs often after heavy rain, snowfall or even rising ground water. All of this water builds up around the foundation of your home and eventually seeps inside through small cracks that you are not aware of.

Our highly trained team finds and fills these pesky cracks with our special epoxy injection system. We use a two part liquid epoxy that is mixed together. We inject the crack with our epoxy so that it finds its way to the deepest crevices, and fills the entire crack with a solution that has a higher PSI than concrete. The process was handed down over the years to multiple generations of family and close friends. An Engineer who did this type of work in NYC Tunnels invented this process. He personally scaled the system down to a procedure that when performed correctly by an experienced technician, results in the epoxy bonded crack becoming the strongest part per square inch of the entire foundation, within hours of the process. This process is done from the inside of the foundation. This is the best solution to filling these cracks and will provide you with a flood free home.
In certain instances we are able to repair the foundation crack from the outside of the structure. So if you are a homeowner worried about your beautiful finished basement being disturbed, do not assume we must disrupt your living area. Give us a call for a free written estimate and through an on-site inspection by our trained professionals, we will be able to identify if the foundation crack can be repaired from the outside.

There are many underground streams throughout Staten Island and the entire metropolitan area that can also cause a constant flow of water to intrude through a foundation or up from the ground through the floor. In this instance a “Trench Drain” or what has been now commonly referred to as a “French Drain” is the solution. We will have our staff install a complex irrigation system to ensure that the water coming up from under your home will never reach the floor of your basement or leave stagnant water that can not only cause mold and allergy problems but actually cause irreparable damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Both of these processes require an extreme amount of attention to detail. The only way to properly repair foundation cracks, french drains and waterproof in general, is to use experienced professionals, as every step to each process is critical. Let Richmond Waterproofing’s vastly experienced technicians and estimators provide you with a free written estimate and the opportunity to show you how we can eliminate your water problems for good. Again, we are so confident in our processes and team that we offer a 100% written lifetime guarantee that is transferable from present to future owner.

Let Richmond Waterproofing ensure your basement is back to being dry in no time!