Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair – Guaranteed!

Foundation cracks can be an eyesore and your first instinct may be to paint over those unsightly cracks, however that’s the worst thing you could do. These are signs of impending structural damage and water damage heading your way. There can be many causes to these cracks, and it is critical to find the exact cause and implement an appropriate solution accordingly.

The soil under your home can usually play a big role in foundation problems. If your soil is settling it is probably due to the fact that loose fill dirt was placed to make the ground even on one side of your home. The other potential problem with the soil is that it expands when it gets wet. So if you have high soil moisture it builds up pressure and results in cracks in your foundation.

Concrete shrinking is another source of foundation cracks. Unfortunately, over time all concrete shrinks. The more water that was used in the concrete mix of your home, the more possibility for shrinkage overtime. Decreasing temperatures or moisture loss, which will inevitably lead to curling or warping of slabs, often causes this. The pressure this exerts winds up creating cracks in your foundation.

Bowing or buckling basement walls will occur when water builds around the walls of your basement. The pressure that is put on the walls can cause the foundation to crack. This is something that should be addressed quickly and can be solved with proper water drainage.

These are all serious threats to your property that can cause material damage. We can fix the problem quickly, cost effectively, and most importantly correctly. The faster you act, the better! If you have any water problems whatsoever in your basement, give us a call immediately or contact us and we will be able to fix it, we guarantee it!