Mold Removal & Remedition

Mold Removal – Made easy!

One of the common results of wet or moist basements is mold. Mold is one of homeowners’ biggest fears. Mold leaves an awful smell; it creates toxins and gives you headaches, both figuratively and literally. At Richmond Waterproofing we work quickly to find the source of the mold and remove it before it has the ability to spread to other parts of your house. Mold can be especially dangerous to young children. Living with mold is dangerous so act fast before it causes serious structural damage to your home or property. Above all else, it is so important to deal with any potential mold issues timely to prevent any negative health effects it can have on you and your children, pets and loved ones.

We are now equipped to inspect and remove mold using HEPA systems.  In minor cases we will inspect and remove the mold and use a temporary mobile filtration unit.  If your basement is very damp and has major mold problems we can install a permanent mold filtration system.  With recent scientific advancement showing the extremely negative effects mold can have on the human body, especially during child development, it cannot hurt to request a mold inspection while we are on site to address the waterproofing problems. (718) 356-1515