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Richmond Waterproofing
11b Kermit Ave Staten Island, NY 10305
(718) 356-1515

Give us a call and the opportunity to not only show you that we learned our techniques before our competitors, but that we keep advancing our knowledge of the industry as technology improves to always offer our customers the most cost efficient, technologically advanced and most importantly, the most effective ways to keep water out of your home or property. Again we 100% guarantee it and will provide you the guarantee during the estimation consultation that we will provide to you at absolutely no out of pocket cost to you. We truly believe that if you give us the opportunity to inspect the problem, explain to you our solution and show you our polite, courteous, professional staff, that our knowledge and experience will be the reason you choose Richmond Waterproofing. The 100% written lifetime guarantee is just for peace of mind. We know that if given the opportunity we have gained the knowledge and experience to solve all of your basement water problems immediately! Most of our work can be complete within 1 day of start of the work. So that damp spot in the corner of your basement which most likely is in the vicinity of a window (our experience shows this pattern), call Richmond Waterproofing and in a few hours know that that water will never travel back into your home again! Guaranteed!

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