French Drains (CAPS)

French Drains may be a very important addition to your home. They are designed to redirect the water that builds up around your house and causes damages, away from the area. The water travels through perforated pipe installed under your basement floor to a sump pump which discharges the water out of your home. The proper installation of a French Drain can save you a lot of trouble and money before water causes too much damage. We strongly recommend our customers to consider installing a French Drain BEFORE they finish their basements. It can save a lot of money and unnecessary damage to your property in the future and avoid your living area to be disrupted. Before you start framing your basement, give us a call to ensure your brand new basement and furniture will not be ruined in the future. Also for builders, avoid the risk of having to install a French Drain for the future homeowner when water arrives by giving us a call before you pour the concrete floor. This is an extremely cost effective way to install the French Drain system as the labor-intensive demo can be avoided.